The Comic

Anything Inc. is a small business where you can literally walk in there and ask them to do any random job you want them to do (Ex:// clean your room, babysit, solve crimes, operate on your cat, help you smuggle money, etc…). And they will do it, within reason of course. Cassidy owns the business and with their new employee, Everett, they’ll get to do pretty crazy things. But with life being so unpredictable, anything could happen.



The Author/Artist/Weirdo Who Thought This Was A Good Idea

Kika K.– “I draw. I like cartoons and comics. Why not make one?”


Kika is a potato who fancies cartoons and various animes, food, stories, lines on paper, and laughing. Creating this comic is another way to do something with their life so their parents won’t think their child is an actual potato.

The People They Want to Acknowledge.

• My Parents– Thank you for dealing with me. I know I’m a pain, but the fact that you are cool with me doing this is a breath of fresh air. You guys rock!

• My Friends– Thank you for your love, support, and enthusiasm towards this comic. Seriously, without you I wouldn’t get far at all. Love you!

Specifically friends Billy and Nikki- Thanks for being my beta readers and helping me make this comic even better.

• Any comic people I have come into contact with– Thank you for any advice and all of the work you do! It’s all beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of your stuff.

• Anyone who would beat me down because of my art– …

And Finally…

• Anyone who reads this comic and follows it– Thank you! You get all of my love and I hope we can become friends! ❤

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