Page 45- End Chapter 1

No senzu beans needed to heal like that

And there you have it! Chapter 1 is FINALLY done! (It feels like I’ve been working on it forever so thats why I emphasize the finally). Thank you to all who have kept up with me until the end of this chapter. Seriously, pat yourselves on the back because you are all awesome.

Now, what does this comic have in store next? Well, Chapter 2 of course, but that’ll start in about 3 weeks (So March 17th it’ll start). But until then I have some fun things I’ll post. On monday is a certain important thing, so a small comic will be posted in celebration. And in a week from now, I’m posting a short comic which will be like a epilogue to Chapter 1. I call them Extras and I plan to do them at least after every chapter. Of course I put some here and there to so you get to know these goobers more and see them develop.

Also, check out the tumblr page for this comic. I sometimes post sketches and little fun things on it too.

For now, enjoy the end of Chapter 1 and stay tuned for Chapter 2 coming in 3 weeks! Rock on!


Page 44


FINALLY! Finally I can say their name out freaking loud! Hi everyone, that little nerd baby with white hair is Cassidy. Phew! I’ve been resisting saying their name since the promo comics. It was hard.

In other good news, Chapter 1 will be finished this Thursday, so check out the last page. I’ll also tell you what to expect for the next couple weeks. Love you all!


Page 43

Pft, way to mix up a compliment with science.

Pft. Good Job. Ev was trying to compliment you and-…we’ll work on that.

Check out the last two pages of chapter 1 next week! (Also if you went to Katsucon, how was your Saturday Fire Drill? Mine was HORRID.


Page 42

Hey, you bleed on it you buy it so...

Phew. Now that dealing with that guy is over- SNACKS!

Also, I’m probably going to be posting pages earlier in the day instead of like 2pm. I start my new job today and I have no idea if my computer would be aloud there or if they have wifi. But tune in thursday for another page as we wrap up chapter 1. Whoo!


Page 41

Spider Ev, Spider Ev, does what ever a spider Ev does

Well then…

Tune in next tuesday for another page! Also, I’m heading to Katsucon! Time for an adventure!


Page 40

At least they didn't say a bad pun.

Pft. Way to almost blow his cover. Check out the next page on thursday!


Page 39

Don't f!#k with retail people

Well then…. Also, Stop screaming Joe

Another page to come out tuesday!



Page 38

Zoinks!Make sure to check your ceilings for people. You never know…

Tune in thursday for the next page!


Page 37


And there you have it. I’ve been waiting so long to show this page because it is the stupidest joke I’ve got so far for this comic and every time I read it I laugh for hours. I hope it always makes you laugh too. 🙂

Stay tuned for next tuesday for more of these whacky fellows.


Page 36

Meeeeeh (I have nothing creative to say)

It’s all coming together…right?

Psssst, totally check thursday’s update. It’s my favorite page. ^^