Page 38- END Chapter 2

That ;) face means something to her. wink wink.

And at last we are done with Chapter 2! Finally!

I want to thank everyone who has read up to this far and has been supportive with your likes and such. You guys make this more stronger, which brings me to what will be happening!

Next tuesday, there will be an extra comic for chapter 2 to hold you guys over. Also, once chapter 3 starts, I plan to have a weekly comic strip on saturdays. It’s honestly just more fun nonsense with these guys. They will give you more idea of the characters and you’ll hopefully love them even more. And I’m working on updating the site, so that’s happening too. Then, August 16th is the day we come back with Chapter 3 and let me tell you about it now-

Questions will be answered, things go down, and you get to meet Ev’s family! 😀 So please, I highly recommend getting into chapter 3. I’m excited to get it started because SO MUCH STUFF I want to say will finally be out.

For now, feel free to reread the first two chapters and look out for the extra comic next week. Until then!


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Refer back to one of the promos for the story cas is talking about

Sorry for the late update! I’ve running late, even for work. But we only have one more page of Chapter 2 left to go so stay tuned tuesday for the last page and for some announcements!


Page 36

Cas some how become #1 counselor

I think Cassidy is aiming to be #1 boss of the year or something. And it’s working. Tune in Tuesday for more.


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shit getting real

Only 3 more pages to go! Check out the next page next tuesday!


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Cassidy's face

Well then. Don’t worry, only a few more pages left to go. Tune in thursday for more!


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I wonder how long Cas has been there.

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Some intervention is this

Uh-Oh, it’s getting real here. Tune in thursday for more!


Chapter 31

Fun fact- Cassidy almost lost half a shirt. I had to fix that last minute.

If I am correct, I think there are only 5 more pages to chapter 2, and it’s going to get real. So stay tuned next week!

Edit- I lied. 7 pages left in chapter 2. Just thought I’d fix that. 😛


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This page is dedicated to my late aunt. Love you aunt Mary! <3

If you all remember the Chapter 1 extra, you’ll know why Cas going to the bathroom is weird. Check out the next page on thursday!


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These milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, so I've heard

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