Page 41- END Chapter 3

Cas probably smells like a B.O. toe nail.

And we reach the end of Chapter 3. This has been fun! So, things to look forward to with the new year-

-I’m updating and reworking the website (since I’m a little smarter in coding).

-I’m reworking the patreon page (I feel I can do better)

-I’m going to try to have Saturday doodle parties (they would be announced prior just in case). I thought it would be a cool idea to live stream and doodle and people can join in and doodle along whether its on their own computer or sketch book. I’d put on music or a movie and we’d have fun. So lets see how that goes.

– Chapter 4 starts February 2nd, 2017. This chapter will be really fun, but it be the beginning digging more into Cassidy. The chapters following will REALLY dig into them being a “shape shifter”, so stay tuned and excited, because I’m excited.

-We can’t forget about Chapter 3’s extra comic. This will be out January 12th, 2017. And spoiler-it’s ridiculous and involves mold. :,D

-Also our Quarterly Q&A event hosted on our tumblr page (you can find the link on our extras page). It will be on January 5th, 2017 (Aka our 1 year anniversary!) and last all day. Basically, you can talk, ask, etc… to the characters or myself and its all good fun really. So I hope you join us then! (More about it in our news section).

-And lastly, we have a birthday boy coming up. There will be a birthday comic for Ev on the 31st! So come and enjoy as Cassidy probably makes this obnoxious for Ev.

Thank you so much for all who have been keeping up with this comic so far. It means a lot (seriously). I hope you keep on reading because it’ll only get better from here. Happy New Years Everyone! Stay Safe!


Page 40

They listened to this song 247 times

One musical montage coming up! Also, one more page! Tune in Thursday!


Page 39

Cue the musical montage!

Oh boy, get ready for the next page. Only two more pages! Also check out our news section if you haven’t. We have more information on our “Quarterly Q&A” event!


Page 38

Cassidy will probably not live that down

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Page 37

and thats why we have Anything Inc. Ta-da!

Only four more pages left! Tune in Tuesday for more. Also, a reminder about our “Quarterly Q& A” we will have once Chapter 3 is done. You can ask the characters or creator anything you’d like. I’d be fun and we’ll have emoji cakes probably. More info later today.


Page 36

imagine lil Cassidy in a spiderman costume.

It’s all coming together now. Tune in Thursday for more.


Page 35

go go gadget shape shifting!

PHEW! FINALLY! It’s like holding your breathe for almost a year. Now the real fun begins! B)

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Page 33

Ev needs all the love in the world my babu

I feel the need to to say this after this page. To those who haven’t come out (whether it be regarding sexuality, gender, and so on), do not push yourself. You’ll know when the time is right if you wish to share, so please do it at your own pace. And if you want to let people know what you are going through, great. If not, also great. Do whatever makes you comfortable. I, for one, have only come out to a select group of my friends and the internet, but haven’t attempted my family, people at my job, or even certain friends (despite how much I REALLY want to scream that I’m non binary to people). So I can say it’s not only hard, but scary and deciding to share this with people is tough. All I’m saying is, you are brave no matter what you choose to do because you are you!

As well as to those being told, please be kind and listen to what people have to say. Ask them what is okay and not okay.

I just wanted to share this because I want make sure that if you are in this kind of situation, just to do what makes you feel comfortable. I hope this translated well and I hope you enjoy the page. 🙂 ❤



Page 32

what kind of show and tell are you thinking, Cas?

OOOH! Tune in next week for next 3 pages! Thursday will be a double. 😉