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This ace ventura case was solved WAY easier than in the movie. lol.

And thus concludes chapter 4- FINALLY! So what does this mean now?

Well this time around I won’t be doing an extra comic since this chapter was long and kind of concluded on it’s own(?). I may, however, do some Saturday cartoon comics again to hold you guys over until the next chapter. And that is going to be a while.

Chapter 5 will begin September 21st, 2017. Hopefully I’ll be prepared and have a butt load of pages ready, because this chapter is going to be just as long or longer than chapter 4. Here is a brief summary of chapter 5 to help get you a little excited for what’s to come.

“Anything Inc. is going well with business and the happiness of their employees. A mysterious man walks in requesting a simple job- To bring Gil, the first client they had and recent father, to a little get together. However, things quickly go south as Everett and Cassidy experience something they have never experienced in their lives.”

It will be a lot darker than previous chapters and things may be triggering so I’ll be cautious to add the warnings before the chapter and before the scenes needed. This chapter will also be very plot driven and more questions will be answered. So please, stay tuned because this chapter is HELLA important.

And thank you so much again for all the support and love you guys give to this comic. It warms my old little heart. In the meantime as well, feel free to check out my other webcomic, Toss of Fate. That will still be updating while this one is on a break to prep for Chapter 5.

I’ll see you guys in Chapter 5! ❤


Page 51

Im pretty sure Ev's mom thinks Cas is her other child.

One more page left of chapter 4 and then we get to something huge in chapter 5.

Page 50

those twins are double crossers because they didn't get the entire bag of candy

Only 2 pages left of chapter 4!

Page 49

Ma knows whats up.

I’m pretty sure the candy they got were sour patch kids and sweetish fish. That won’t make the kids bounce off the walls, right?

Page 48

Gil is already better with kids than Cas and Ev.

Gil is going to come up with all the dad puns.

Don’t worry, this chapter is almost over. Give it four more pages to wrap it up.

Page 47

Gil ain't talking about the baby...

Time to play “GUESS THE NAME!”

Page 46

And Cassidy is no longer allowed to assist with birth.

Sorry these pages took long! 😦 I had a MAJOR busy week trying to figure out things and work throwing things in my face and therapy, but I did it. The pages are here…like that baby…

Page 44

Imagine a high speed car crash with these goobers. PFFFT!

Cassidy was close to pushing the pedal. XD

Page 43

Who put Cassidy behind the wheel again?

This page kills me. XD The last two panels- PFT!