Chapter 3 Extra- Page 6

And that is why I sometimes bring the dishes in from my room. :D

DONE! PHEW! That was a journey. Thanks for dealing with the page by page thing.

So next thing to look forward to is CHAPTER 4!! It starts February 2nd, 2017! So be ready for more fun!


Happy Birthday Ev! Part 4

I wish I had more time to finish. T_T

I’m sorry I’m really lagging on this. Here is what the last page of Ev’s Birthday is suppose to be. I will color it. I need to. The inking doesn’t do it justice!

Anyway, I’m sorry again. On top of holidays and friends, I went back to work yesterday working a 10 hour shift and coming home sick. I really wished I prepared better, but I’m working on being better. That is the new years resolution!

And stay tuned for the Chapter 3 Extra coming soon (and not in chunks).

ALSO! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary “Quarterly Q&A”! details are on our news page. I hope to have fun with you guys!


Happy Birthday Ev! Part 3

For the PS4 from Christmas

One more page for Ev’s birthday! Sorry again that these are coming out slowly. The holidays have kept me busy.