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My first convention appearance ever! I’m super excited about going! Not only will I be in the artist alley with cool stuff, I’m also hosting a panel about starting a webcomic (like the harsh beginnings of making one and some advice and steps). If you are going, totally come find me!

I’ll see you there! ❤



We got stuff! (8/20/17)

Shop AD



New Stuff! (Say What?!) (6/24/17)

Hey! So a couple things. As you can see I updated the menus so now there are ten million buttons to push. Also, if you look at the menu, you’ll see “Shop”. That’s right, I have a shop now. There isn’t much so far, but I’ll be adding more merch like printed books, keychains, and so on in the future.

And- looking in the shop you can see I have Chapter 1 of Anything Inc on preorder. Chapter 1 I planned to have printed by August, but I wanted to see if I can get a preorder to see if people wanted a copy. I’ll do the same with the other chapters soon, but you always got to start with Chapter 1, am I right? And in the printed copy there will be extras like the Chapter 1 Extra comic, sketches, and more. So pre order now!



One Week Hiatus! (3/17/17)

Hey guys! Due to the snow storm and the ton of hours work gave me this past week, it has caused me to fall behind and I deeply apologize. So to catch up, I will take the week off to get my papers together and be prepared. Chapter 4 Page 13 is almost done, but I’m not sure whether to post it when I’m done or post with page 14. Leaning with the second option.

Anywho, I’ll be back with more Anything Inc on March 27th. Sorry about this and wish me luck!



ANYTHING INC Quarterly Q&A Events (12/19/16)-

Come join us on January 5th, 2017 (Aka our one year anniversary!) for some fun with us in our Quarterly Q&A event!

Where will this be at?

Our Quarterly Q&A will take place on our tumblr (since the asking question format seems to be the best format at the moment).

What exactly is this?

Kind  of a little party where you guys can ask questions, talk to us, and learn more about the story and characters. I’ve seen it before and it looked awesome, so I wanted to try it.

Who will be there?

You can ask/ talk to our characters- Cassidy, Everett (Ev), Aimee, Grant, Yvonne, and Sonia. You can also ask the creator (aka me) anything as well!

How long will it go for?

All day on January 5th! It’ll be an all day event and you can ask/talk to us as much as you want!

So please join us in having fun!



Some Announcements! (12/18/16)-

Alrighty! So Chapter 3 only has about four more pages left and there is A LOT heading your way.

As mentioned before, we are having a “Quarterly Q&A” once chapter 3 has ended. It’ll be a fun day of asking/ interacting with the characters as well as the creator. A post will be made shortly about the details of it.

Also, we have our Chapter 3 extra in the works and it’s going to be a 6 pager of ridiculous non sense that I’m excited for. Due to the more pages in this extra, it’ll be out 2 weeks after Chapter 3 had ended (January 12th 2017). So look forward to that. 😉

Also, since christmas is around the corner, I will post a mini comic for that (mostly because this christmas comic is kind of the idea to spark this whole comic and I wanted to have it happen and share to you all!). So, Christmas comic! Look out!

And lastly, there will also be a post about this once Chapter 3 has ended, but Chapter 4 is planned to start up on February 2nd 2017.  So mark those calendars, because I am.

OH! Also also- Everett’s birthday is coming up~!! (My birthday boi!) So, of course there will be a comic then as well (December 31st).

All the comics! All the madness! Sleep is not a thing anymore for me, but it’s worth it for all this fun! >:D 

So stay tuned! We have all these goodies coming your way!



Short break on Saturdays. (10/19/16)-

Hey guys! So I’m taking a month break from Saturday cartoons so I can get things together. Overtime has killed me at work so I wanted to dedicate to doing more pages on the comic. I’ll announce when Saturday Cartoons will be back so stay tuned!



WE HAVE A PATREON! (9/11/16)

Great news! I’ve finally launched a Patreon!

With this, I can offer cool things to you guys who support me. If you’d like to check it out, go here. You can also find it in the Extras tab since I’m since working the kinks of wordpress. I’m slowly learning.

Also, if you scroll down more on the comic pages, there are archives (finally!). I thought this would be easier to help navigate because let me tell you, it helps me.

So please, check out the patreon and stay tuned for more Anything Inc!




Sorry I’m late to announce, but the Saturday Cartoon weekly strips are happening right now! They’re are pretty much one page comics of our characters doing whatever really; From jobs to their daily livings. So check them out! They’re are fun to read!



Hey guys!

So now that Chapter 2 is done, here is what is in store!

The story must go on, so we start Chapter 3 on August 16th 2016. On next Tuesday to hold you over, we’ll have an extra short comic (like how we had at the end of chapter 1) to go with the end of Chapter 2.

Starting August 20th, a Saturday one page comic strip will be a thing. On every Saturday there will be a comic strip with our Anything Inc crew doing just about anything. Whether it’s a job or silly non sense, I recommend checking it out for the laughs and to learn and love these characters more!

Also, I’m working on having a printed version on Chapter 1 and 2 available soon. I’m working out the kinks, so I’ll post when they are available! And other fun stuff! Because stuff is cool. I like stuff.

So for now, sit back, reread, and prepare for an intense chapter that is about to come. Questions will be answered and stuff is going down. So until then!



So I finally have a facebook page for Anything Inc. It was tough, but I had to overcome it and make the page. So if you are on facebook, give us a like on the page and check out what we got going on. You can go through this link here-

or click the facebook icon in the little social media section we have below the comic page.

Also, I’ll get into detail later, but I plan to post 1 page comic strips of Anything Inc adventures once a week. It’ll probably be in the extras section. But more on that later when things are developed.


I decided to have a news section! (05/20/16)

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ll make announcements here soon enough about whatever is going on. Sound cool? Alright!