Saturday Cartoons

Saturday Cartoons are weekly comic strips of our favorite nerds doing whatever. It could be their daily lives or a job. So enjoy these comic strips during the weekend while you wait for the next update!

Pregos (11/19/16)-

Pregos Tomato Sauce- It'll get you pregnant! :D

Pft! I’ve been wanting to finish this joke for a while. If you don’t remember on this page, Gil (Aka Client #1) explained that his wife had “pregos” and Cassidy is like “Oh no.”. They thought she had a disease and so now Cassidy learns that you can’t get diseases from a tomato sauce can.



Off Day (10/10/16 LATE!)-

These two will become duet whores

Sorry for the late cartoon! Funny enough, as these guys are slow at work, I’m busy as hell. I’ve stayed late all week and even did overtime on Saturday (which is kind of why it is late). My apologies again and enjoy this fun cartoon.



Sneezing (10/1/16)-

Cassidy's sneezes are about 1,000 miles per hour...probably.

Poor Ev.



For the Ratings- (10/1/16)-

behind the bubble says "soup and cat videos"

Pft. It’s not all about the gay ships, right?

Also, the second saturday cartoon as promised will be posted shortly!



Okay so…. (9/24/16)-

Today’s Saturday cartoon is cancelled due to adult stuff I have to do. I’m sorry about this, but I will give you two Saturday cartoons next week to make up so it. I feel bad, but sometimes life really sucks. 😦

However, stay tuned for Tuesday’s update! I’m sorry again! :,(



Cookies (9/17/16)-

Sonia is now giving away the cookies.

This was all I thought after her saying “It better not be another girl scout” on page 9 on chapter 3. Those cookies are good though. 😛



Clogged (09/10/16)-

Cassidy has been banned from the stove ever since

It is not their day…

sorry for the late page. It took longer than intended. -_-



The Sign (09/03/16)-

Cassidy tends to steal from the neighbor.

Cassidy tends to steal more than socialize with the neighbors. I wonder why?




Imaginary Friend (08/27/16)-

What kind of Imaginary Friend would Cas even have though? probably a cupcake.

I’d give Cas credit for trying. Also, did you get the show referenced? 🙂




Shopping- Part 1

Cassidy almost went into the fish tank.

This is why we can’t have nice things. If you don’t know what the “giant giraffe” is, check out page 30 of chapter 1. And Cassidy’s little “shopping adventure” they mentioned was a promotional comic that I will post soon, for memory sake. Enjoy!